Kolmans Kube @ TARrt Festival 1998

A black wooden floor is situated in the middle of the room. Behind the floor is a vertical screen. The screen is 3,4 x 3,5 meters like the floor. The two act as sides of a kube. Upon entering this kube, a visitors movements cause electronic sounds to appear. More specificaly movements in predefined areas trigger short sequences of images on the projected background. As a backdrop I created a timelaps-recording of a landscape north of Amsterdam where typically the old dutch masters would paint because of the special quality of the light. The timelaps recording lasted for a whole day. The projected result was a sequence of 150 images, mapped on a sensor inside the kube. So vertical movements on a specific location resulted in stepping through the day in time. Movement in one of the eight sensors more or less located towards the corners of the kube resulted in acurately moving through a series of images of my hands in the landscape pointing out the size and location of these sensors if they were places synchronous in the landscape if the frame of the landscape was not a window but a mirror. I was playing with the notion of matter and antimatter and poetic license.

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