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Kolmans Cube an interactive space / performance tool since 1987

Under the banner of  Kolmans Kube I'm working 30+ years on Immersive media projects
Kolmans Cube itself started as a performance At the TArt festival ‘87 of the Twente University
After that other productions followed suit. Art exhibits in musea, education and commercial

What is Kolmans Cube ?
The idea, translating the movement of a performer in a space into sounds and images is rooted in the desire to create my electronic sounds directly with a gesture. To intervene in the sound generation of my synthesizer with the dynamics of my dance.
A dancer explores the space and composes music in this way. The sounds that are evoked are contained in predetermined locations. The composer is also the choreographer and the dancer is the musician at the same time. All media in one discipline. Because the performer evokes an imaginary landscape in sound and image in the physically empty space and shapes it through actions, the spectator is taken into a total immersion; an immersive media experience.

    In 2016-2018, together with visual artist Theo Schepens, I developed a workflow to place 3d body scans of children, fitted with a rig, in a game engine. We developed this project for the Cinekid festival (and similar events) with large numbers of children. Thus children can navigate through virtual worlds, worlds they shape themselves, with their alter ego/Avatar.

    A VR headset can then provide an insight into such a pre-produced world of digital content.
How that world unfolds is partly predetermined in production and partly dependent on the actions of the visitor. When this process is also depicted on projection screens, other visitors can experience it as a performance.

    My own journey into 'the immersive landscape' started in 1984. I discovered that the electronic sounds I made in a digital synthesizer could be stored in a memory from which they could be recalled and played back.
The sounds I designed were inspired by trips I had made or wanted to make. They became my paint to paint virtual (sound) landscapes.
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Publications on Kolmans Cube
Work in Progress.............
Work in Progress.............
Previous clients
museums, educational institutions, foundations and the business community. At home and abroad
Kolmans Cube immersive media production (VR/XR) expertise
De Pijp, van Ostadestraat 111 3v 1072 ST Amsterdam
The studio specializes in VR 180º & 360º VR stereo.
Planning, organization post-production and publishing.

Immersive Production 360º Stereo video or VR 180º  shoots
stitching for VR 180º stereo and 360º stereo workflows  Mistika VR
video editing in immersive media formats in Adobe Premiere
post production in immersive media formats in Adobe After Effects.
publishing in popular formats on social platforms and websites
VR180º & 360º stereo workflow:

Location based recordings  with specially developed camera systems
Raw recordings are processed in the studio into a final product.
Dedicated software tools are used for this Mistika Stiching Adobe editing
After effects pluginns for immersive workflows. On a dedicated workstation.
A separate workflow has been developed for this process

    I create high-quality stereo video content to be displayed in Virtual reality headsets. This makes my product hyper-realistic. I use a specially developed rig. With camera bodies that contain a large image sensor in combination with lenses developed by VR pioneer KC Lai. He learned the trade at Zeiss. The 220° fisheye lenses give a better result when merging camera angles.
I record video synchronously for both eyes, and I process the raw footage in my studio into a video clip. Stitching is the first step of this process. It is the invisible joining of the separately recorded video sequences. I have put together and optimized a special workstation for this. It includes a fast GPU/graphics processor in addition to a 16-core 32-thread CPU and 128 GB of RAM. I have also set it up with specialist software.
After stitching, the immersive video clip is already suitable for viewing in a VR headset. I then add titles for the finishing touch. And, depending on the purpose, multiple graphics layers6. With a technique that I have developed for this since 2013. I use software plugins Freeform Pro Flux and Mantra from Mettle in Adobe After Effects, among other things. The end result is made suitable for publication on social media such as YouTube, Facebook and other platforms that support the 3d
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