Bettie Serveert Smack 2003

I shot the clip back in 2003, with the Betties, in a room 4 by 4 meters. With some construction lights attached to the ceiling and a Sony VX1000 on a tripod. Some shots handheld. With each new ‘scene’ we played the track over again from a cd (a working copy, as the mastering had yet to be done) and movements were performed in sync with the track played from Carols ghettoblaster. Carol and Peter did Art direction. The entire editing was done on a computer I build from scratch around a Pentium4 motherboard and a Matrox RT2000 videoboard. I used Premiere 6 for editing. I matched all the shots/scenes on top of each other as videolayers. Trimmed and in sync with the audiotrack and started cutting away unwanted parts. So in a way from the top down holes fell into the tracks giving you sometimes surprising new edits as new events became visible from the layer underneath. Peter came up with the idea of using the windows simultaneously, I made them move using the keyframes in the Matrox videotools softwaresuite.

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